50 million

people in modern slavery

New Global Estimates of Modern Slavery report released

Photo Credit: Grace Forrest.
Photo Credit: Grace Forrest.

We are ending modern slavery

Together with survivors, our partners, and your voice

Sari factory, Rajasthan, India. Photo Credit: Tuul & Bruno Morandi. Getty Images.
Sari factory, Rajasthan, India. Photo Credit: Tuul & Bruno Morandi. Getty Images.

It is estimated that 49.6 million people live in modern slavery today

1 in 4

are children


are women and girls


are in forced labour


are in forced marriage

Walk Free’s Global Slavery Index is the world’s most comprehensive data set of modern slavery.

We use this data to mobilise powerful forces for change against these abuses of human rights.

We work with governments, businesses, religious and community leaders to drive systems change. We partner directly with frontline organisations to liberate people trapped in slavery around the world.

We independently and unashamedly agitate for change.

Walk Free is an international human rights group dedicated to eradicating modern slavery in all its forms.

Photo Credit: Mohammad Saiful Islam/NurPhoto. Getty Images.

We pioneer research that reinforces the need for change across the world.

Tackling one of the world’s largest and most complex human rights issues requires serious strategic thinking.

We approach this challenge by integrating world class research with direct engagement with some of the world’s most influential government, business and religious leaders. We invest our time and resources in a collaborative manner to drive behaviour and legislative change to impact the lives of the estimated 49.6 million people living in modern slavery today.

Photo Credit: Tuul & Bruno Morandi. Getty Images.

Every human deserves the opportunity to live a life that is safe, offers freedom and opportunity.

At Walk Free, we fight for the silenced.

It is unthinkable that one human should ever be allowed to deny another human of these basic rights through fear, exploitation, deceit, or physical or emotional restraint.

At Walk Free, we fight for the silenced to regain their voices. There are some who say the problem is too hard, that there are more pressing issues, or that this is a challenge for governments to solve. We believe nothing is more important than human life. We can, and must, do everything in our power to end modern slavery.

Migrant Workers in Phuket

Photo Credit: Jonas Gratzer/LightRocket via Getty Images.
Featured project

and Girls

Modern slavery is a gendered issue

One in every 130 females globally is living in modern slavery. In fact, women and girls account for 71 per cent of all victims of modern slavery. Although modern slavery affects everyone, there is no escaping the fact that it is a gendered issue. Females account for a staggering 99 per cent of all victims of forced sexual exploitation, 84 per cent of all victims of forced marriage, and 58 per cent of all victims of forced labour. Females also outnumber males as victims of modern slavery in four of five world regions.

You can make a difference.
We all share the responsibility to create change and eradicate modern slavery.

It may be hard to imagine modern slavery existing in our own communities – but you are not as far removed from exploitation as you may think. We all share the responsibility to create change and reduce the risk of modern slavery.


Take action to end modern slavery

As a citizen and consumer, you can take action today to end modern slavery.

Business & Finance

Protect your supply chain

Business & investors have a moral and legal obligation to protect workers and combat forced labour in supply chains.


Create positive change

It is estimated that up to 90 per cent of the world’s population can be influenced through faith.


Strengthen legislation

It is vital that governments adopt appropriate modern slavery legislation and policies to tackle this heinous crime.

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